Thursday, September 3, 2009

International Bacon Day

One of the best Holidays of the year, International Bacon Day. The swine is so fine it is rejoiced around the world. This year the time to praise the pork belly is September 5th.

Years ago I went to this bacon party with a couple friends. This guy procured about 20 lbs. of Wisconsin applewood smoked bacon from Nueskes. He spent all day and half the evening frying and baking bacon...his apartment probably smelled like bacon for days. It was about this time of year, so the local heirloom tomatoes were in abundance and begging for the highest calling-BLT's. Combine those BLT's with a party ball of Bell's Oberon, grab some friends, and you've got yourself good times.

I think it's time to inaugurate the annual BaconParty-

September 7th.
Location- Probably where Hockey Night in Cabrini is held.
Menu- Bacon, bacon, and bacon. Bacon explosion will make its debut.
Theme-Most people will just call it a Labor Day BBQ, but we all understand the real reason to be festive.

Bacon Fest Chicago is October 25th. See you there?

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