Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Philly Schlie's Steak

I can't really pinpoint the reason why after spending a gorgeous, culinary-focused weekend in Manhattan, the hankering for a cheesesteak came out of nowhere and quickly became something I could not stop thinking about, like a song in your head while you're in the shower that can't be removed. Once I scarfed this meat-torpedo down however, everything was back to normal.

Some folks like to say you can't get a Philly cheese steak outside of a one-hour radius of said city. Perhaps that's a valid statement, but I can claim some roots there too, hence the slight play on words of this dish's title. A true Philly cheese steak would probably have cheese whiz on it anyway, which this steak does not. The options while ordering vary a bit according to whose joint you're at. Now here's a quick tip for all you young eaters out there- It doesn't matter which city you're in-it's the same situation; the well-known local spot serving delish treats from tiny storefront, street carts, walk-up stands, etc. You gotta know what the hell you're doing and quick, otherwise it's to the back of the line with you and plenty of snickering.

Oh, you didn't know the origins of the Philly cheese steak?

Philly Schlie's Steak
two generous servings

3/4-1 lb rib-eye steak
1 medium onion, sliced thinly
1 bell pepper, sliced thinly
4-6 slices good provolone
2 large sammich rolls

You can probably find thinly sliced rib-eye steak at your local grocer, eye of round, sandwich steak, all that will work. If sliced thin, stack all on top of each other and roll it up tight. Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze for 30 minutes, this will help firm up to slice thinly. You want to then slice as thinly as possible, shaving would be a more appropriate descriptor.

Get a griddle or large saute pan going over medium heat. Get the peppers and onions going first, and shrooms if you'd like. I sauteed some fungi in butter with a couple smashed garlic cloves. I know not everyone is a fan of mushrooms, I've been a recent convert depending on preparation.

Once the veg is done, start toasting the rolls and throw on the meat. Using a couple spatulas, keep the meat moving and chopping into little pieces as best you can. I didn't want to tear the shit of out my non-stick griddle, so you might want to approach carefully. This will cook up quick.

Assembly- cheese on bread, then meat, then peppers and onions, then shrooms.

There's no dainty way to eat this- get after it!

Herbs for oven fries-

Some onions and peppers on the griddle

Spatula-chopping up the thin slices of meat is key

The sammich with some oven fries-taters with some EVOO, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, garlic- slice them thin and bake for about 20 at 375F. Shake pan halfway through, keep an eye on em towards the end, skinny fries can toast up quick.