Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bakin' Bacon

Bakin' Bacon. Is this really a recipe? Yeah, I guess not, it's more of a temporary, fleeting moment of food that has a much more desired, long-term side-effect-a little tub of rendered bacon fat. Add that to anything you want to instantly turn delicious- frying onion, mirepoix, grilled cheese, even pancakes. Anything that calls for butter or oil and you want to infuse a little porky tastiness.

My once seemingly endless supply of luscious fat from the bacon party, the cooking of many pounds of Nueske's applewood-smoke bacon has finally depleted, actually the last bit of it was turning a tad rancid. That doesn't taste good. Time to toss that and make a fresh batch.

This is my preferred method for cooking bacon- 375 F for about 20 minutes one side, then about 4-6 min on the other. You want to keep a close eye on this after the first side-depending on the thickness, they can burn quick once dry. That's a rack on a sheet pan, if you're not a visual learner-type person.

No mess, you still have the olfactory pleasure wafting through the house, it's (slightly) healthier when not frying in it's own fat, and it easily pours off a sheet pan into a cut open aluminum Miller Lite can to cool before storing in the fridge. I like to keep it in a little tupperware covered with a bit of wax paper.

DAMN what to do with all those strips of pork?

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