Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Am I?

I haven't forgotten about you folks, things have been just a little busy lately.  It's bugging me too, not cooking and writing new posts of tasty recipes that are, of course, full of wit and wisdom...perhaps a pinch of sarcasm.  Not long after moving to new digs to accommodate the anticipated little one, our beautiful baby Clare decided she wanted to join the world.  So while we all get acclimated to the new crib(s), I'll post a couple of reruns- and if you missed it, then it's like new content!

Here's something you'll need for June- a delicious pasta salad perfect to accompany some grilled protein. 

Here's what's been occupying my time as of late- she's got the tongue out, fingers between giving the bird and long live rock-n-roll.  That's my girl.

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